Sunday, December 25, 2011

Merry Christmas!

Good morning to my blogger friends and Christmas greetings!  Take a moment to remember why we celebrate, it's not just about the gifts and the food, it's the Savior who came to live among us. 
    Last night my husband and I went to a Christmas program at which my band members were performing.  The three older boys were in a skit about ants.  A man had found an anthill in his garden and he wished to warn the ants that their home would soon be destroyed.  He shouted to them, he left them a note but nothing he did influenced the ants, who continued to go about their ant business.  After some thought the man realized that if he were an ant that they would accept his message, so he became an ant and led them to safety.  Jesus came to live among us so that he could tell us what we need to do to be saved. 
    Sadly, there are still many who do not accept  him.  I hope this Christmas that you know that there is a Holy God who loves you so much that he sent his only Son, Jesus.  Jesus came because we have a sin problem that can only be fixed by accepting Jesus' gift of salvation- not just by being "good".
    So a very Merry Christmas dear friends, may God's love dwell in your home all year!


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